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This site does not contain pictures of sex acts. It is purely a story site. The sex stories are exactly that; sex stories. They are very graphic in detail and richly erotic in the descriptions of various acts of sex between and among consenting adults. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. Sex story has, free sex stories, erotic sex story, hardcore and softcore, bondage, teen,lesbian, gay, straight, and adult fantasy. This site is protected by The Constitution Of The United States of America and will be vigorously defended against those who oppose Freedom of Speech. These sex stories are intended for adults over the age of 18 years.

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Description Code: mmff =male -male- female -female and other combinations Such as: ff = female- female

Femdom: Part One mmff

Femdom: Part Two mmff

Reduction mf

The Urge ff

Penpals: Part One mf

Penpals: Part Two mff

Honeymooners mfff

The Garbage Man mf

The Doctor Is In mf

The Intruder mf

Wrong Turn mmmf

The Disparate Couple mf

The First Lady: Part Two ff

After School ff

Women's Club fffm

His Bidding mf

Sensations mff

The Divining Rod mf

Part Time Job mf

The Amulet: Part One mfff

The Amulet: Part Two mfff

Shower Gifts f

Brenda's Turn mf

The Hostess ff

Panty Boy: Part One mf

Alpha Male mf

Her Mother mf

Wedding Day ff

Therapy mf

Ravished mf

Sugah mff

Panty Boy: Part Two mf

Blackmail mf

The Nubile Nymph ff

The Salesman mf

Enema Girl mff

The Stock Boy mf

Nancy's Summer Diary: June mmff

Nancy's Summer Diary: July mff

Nancy's Summer Diary: August mmff

First Exam mff

Trans Secretary trans.

Video Tape mf

Incontinence f

The Dancer mff

Girl Friday ff

Delivery Man mmf

Bare Bottom mff

The Visit mf

Harem Girl: Part One fff

Harem Girl: Part Two mff

The Trainer mf

Sexline mf

Home Economics: Part One ff

Home Economics: Part Two fff

The Photographer mf

Mama Knows Best mf

Addiction ff

Submissive mfThe Daughter" mff

Cable Girl fff

Bath House mf

Hostage mf

Pressure mf

The Professor mf

The Patient mf

Student Teacher ff

Sorority Sister's Diary: Part One mfff

Sorority Sister's Diary: Part Two mff

Pay Back mff

Potty ff

The Bridge Part Redux trans

The Bath mf

The New Employee ff

Blind Date mff

Gym Teacher: Part One ff

Gym Teacher: Part Two mfff

The Party mf

Vacation ff

Phenom fff

Full Service mff

A Friend In Need ff

The Favor mf

Home Coming mf

Naughty Talk mf

The Masseuse mf

Close Shave mff

The Warden mf

Old Friends ff

On Edge mf

The Teacher: Part One ff

The Teacher: Part Two ff

The Teacher: Part Three ff

New Boy mf

The Fitting ff

Doctor's Orders mff

The First Day mf

The Picture mff

Plumper mf

Control mff

Companions ff

Parent-Teacher Meeting mf

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